We are able to advise individuals and organisations who find themselves subject to adverse or intrusive media coverage…

A positive reputation is a critically important asset.

If we are consulted before publication we may be able to persuade a publisher or broadcaster to change its intended story or even to decide not to publish it at all. In certain cases we may be able to obtain an injunction restraining publication of the offending information. Where defamatory or intrusive material has already been published our lawyers will provide swift and clear advice on the legal options available.

Further to the core sectors of libel (defamation) and privacy law, we are able to advise in respect of malicious falsehood, confidentiality and trade secrets. In addition to representing clients in their interactions with the ‘traditional’ media, we are able to advise on ‘new media’ issues including all aspects of internet law, blogs, social networking sites, downloads and podcasts.

We also offer media law services to corporate media clients including newspaper, magazine and book publishers, broadcasters and online publishers.

For matters that have gone to Court, the firm has a proud reputation of 100% success rate in libel trials.


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